Máy cấp nguồn & đo sóng ATTEN (APS1501T)

Máy cấp nguồn & đo sóng ATTEN (APS1501T)

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Máy cấp nguồn & đo sóng ATTEN (APS1501T)


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Product Name: DC Power Supply- APS Series Maintenance Power (APS1501T) 
Model No: APS1501T 

1. Rating Operational Conditions and dimensions 
*Power Voltage: 220V± 10% 50/60Hz(110± 10%, 50/60Hzalso Available if necessary) 
*Operational Condition: 
Temperature: -10º C~40º C Relative Humidity: -20º C~80º C 
*Storage Conditions: 
Relative Humidity: <80% 

2. Voltage Regulation Operational Status 
(1)Output voltage can be continuously adjusted from zero to nominal. 
(2)Voltage Stability: 
Power Stability≤0.01%+2mV 
Load Stability≤0.01%+2mV (maximum ampere>3A) 
Load Stability≤0.01%+5mV (maximum ampere>3A) 
(3)Recovery Time≤100μS(5Hz~1MHz) (maximum ampere≤3A) 
(4)Ripple Noise≤0.5mVRMS(5Hz~1MHz) (maximum ampere>3A) 
(5)Temperature Coefficient≤300ppm/º C 

1. Current Regulation Operational Status 
(1)Output current continuously adjustable from zero to nominal. 
(2) Current Stability Power Stability≤0.2%+2mV Load Stability of load 
(3) Ripple Noise≤2mARMS 

1. Notice 
(1)AC Input 
AC Input should be 220V± 10%50Hz(if 110V± 10%60Hz it indicated on the rear case) 
Do mot use the unit where ambient temperature is above 40º C, Radiator locates at the back of the unit, enough space should be remained for heat sinking. The temperature of radiator can up to 100º C, do not touch it after long time working. 
(3)Overshoot Limiting of Output voltage 
When turn on, the voltages between output terminals should not higher than the preset value. 

2. Setting of Current Limiting 
Make sure the maximum safe current of the outside load. 
Use a shortcircuit wire to short the Current terminals(+)to(-). 
Adjust the Current control knob kill the CC indicator on. 
Adjust the Current knob to the desired ampere. 
After setting the current value(overload protection), then do not change the Current Control knob. 
Take off the shortcircuit wire, it is standby status now. 

3. Operation 
Switch Power" OFF" . 
Be sure Power input voltage correct. 
Turn the Power switch on. Switch Power " ON" . 
Adjust the " VOLTAGE" And" CURRENT" Control knobs to the desired values 
Connect the outside load to the " +" Or " -" Terminals. 
When the unit used in high requirement condition, either the output terminal sturdily, so as to decrease the output ripple voltage.

Trademark:  ATTEN
Model NO.:  APS1501T
Company: Shenzhen Atten Electronics Co., Ltd.


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